How do you choose your bridal bunch of flowers ?

More than just an accessory, the bridal bouquet completes the bride's look. Unfortunately, more attention and time is given to the choice of the dress, jewellery and shoes than to the floral composition: the emblem of the wedding outfit. So here are 3 criteria to consider in order to find the ideal bouquet.

1-The shape and style of the wedding dress

Bouquet of pink roses, tulips or lilies, you must first consider the shape and style of your dress to find the bouquet that will bring out all the beauty and uniqueness of your look. Let's say you've chosen a princess dress with a rather bulky bottom. In this case, a round bouquet will be your best option. Make an arrangement with many small flowers. You will gain in refinement. If your dress is designed in flowing materials or with lace, prefer a country bouquet that stands out with its wild, multicoloured look. On the other hand, with a classic dress, it is better to choose a cascade model. For more harmony, a transparent veil will highlight your flowers without stealing their spotlight. You also have the misshapen bouquet with its flowers of different colours, shapes and lengths. It will be perfect to create an atypical look: the original bride par excellence!

2-The bride's morphology

The white rose bouquet is perfect for this type of occasion. But can it fit all women? Of course it can't! Because, as with the choice of dress, the bouquet must take into account the bride's morphology. This criterion remains foreign to many women. However, it can make all the difference. Let's take the example of tall women. The smaller the bouquet is, the more it will go unnoticed and make a difference to the overall appearance. For this morphology, it is more appropriate to choose a cascading bouquet that will soften the silhouette and blend in perfectly. Rounder women should go for an asymmetrical bouquet that will make the imposing side of voluminous shapes work. The eye will be more attracted to the bouquet. For V or A shapes, the ideal would be to hold a round bouquet that catches the attention towards the waist and creates a subtle break between the lower and upper part of the body.

3-The personality of the bride

Finding flowers to offer is easier than choosing the right bouquet for your wedding. It's all about style. The perfect wedding look should reflect personality. That's how you'll be able to personalize your outfit. If you're a romantic woman, a floral cascade is the perfect way to accentuate the sentimental side. On the other hand, if you're more of a bohemian type, opt for a bouquet with seasonal flowers. This choice will fit perfectly with your authentic and marginal spirit. For a retro style, opt for a vintage floral arrangement. Regardless of the variety of flowers you choose, you can create this look by focusing on accessories: lace, embroidered fabric, etc. Finally, if you want a good chic style, prefer a bouquet where the combination of flowers reflects a sense of refinement and balance. Consider choosing white roses with long green stems. No matter what style of dress you wear, all guests will see you as an elegant woman who places sobriety above all styles. You will then have more freedom to choose other accessories.

Practical advice for choosing your wedding bouquet

Apart from the aesthetic aspect and the style of the bouquet, there are a few essential points to consider so that you don't miss out on your bridal look: Avoid at all costs flowers that have a meaning contradictory to the event. For example, offering or buying black flowers means sadness, sunflower means pride and forget-me-not means separation. Instead, find varieties of flowers that convey a sense of passion, commitment and happiness. Your bouquet should be practical: neither too heavy nor too bulky. When you want to give roses as a gift, for example, they should be placed in a vase. For a wedding, they will be carried in the hands throughout the evening. Avoid flowers that leave stains. It would be a shame to spoil your dress, your mood and your wedding because of a bad choice of flowers. Dare to use accessories if you want a personalized bouquet that represents you.
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