What’s the difference between tulle and chiffon?

Tulle is a fine, often starched, netting fabric made from silk, nylon, or rayon. It is frequently used in evening gowns and ballet tutus, but can also be used in other garments such as skirts, dresses, and even lingerie. Chiffon…

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Wedding party: book a musical entertainment

Who wouldn’t want to have the best musical entertainment for their wedding? However, making the right choice among the many artists and professionals that exist today is not easy. Many criteria are to be expected to facilitate this choice. If…

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How do you choose your bridal bunch of flowers ?

More than just an accessory, the bridal bouquet completes the bride’s look. Unfortunately, more attention and time is given to the choice of the dress, jewellery and shoes than to the floral composition: the emblem of the wedding outfit. So…

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What gift to offer for a hen party?

Choosing the right gift is essential for a successful hen party. It is the key to making the bride-to-be’s evening memorable. This event only happens once, and it’s a one-time event that is forbidden to officially end her bachelor life….

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