The wedding dress and its eternal importance for the bride

The wedding dress is of paramount importance for the religious ceremony. Designers use noble materials, hand-made embroidery and some golden colors. Let's discover the symbolism of the wedding dress.

The symbolism of the wedding dress

Traditionally, on the wedding day the bride can respect a tradition of choosing 4 elements. The objective is that each element has a precise symbolism: an element must be old, it characterizes the family bond, it can be an old family jewel. The new element determines success and success for the future. It is often the wedding dress. 3rd element, borrowed objects that represent luck and happiness for the future couple. It is usually an accessory that has already been worn on the wedding day of a happy and fulfilled bride. The 4th element, the "blue" element symbolizes fidelity, purity in the couple. The bride often chooses a discreet accessory such as a mirror.

Wedding dresses around the world

Wedding dresses vary according to religions, cultures, customs and regions. Whether it is a wedding dress, a kimono, sari, a Kameez Salwar with a wedding veil, these are models of clothing worn by the wives on the day of the religious ceremony. These clothes that symbolize the elegance of the bride are usually made by highly skilled dressmakers who use the best fabrics and the most intricate ornaments to design sensational dresses according to the respective culture. Wedding dresses are varied, there are simple, modern, romantic, trapezoid or empire shaped, with or without laces, plain or with embroidery, with or without a train, white or coloured,

Wedding make-up: shine on the day of the ceremony.

The trend in modern bridal make-up takes into account lighter shades to illuminate the bride's eyes and lips while taking care of the base for a perfect complexion. To look fresh and spring-like, it's best to include pastel eye colours, pink lips and iridescent eyelids. The bride should choose lighter shades by applying eye shadows that soften the eyes. Pastel with pink and lilac colours will help to sublimate the bride. Avoid shades that are too bright and use soft colour palettes. To have a luminous face and look good all day long, preferably apply a foundation or a BB cream with matt properties.
How to choose a large wedding dress?

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