Renting or Buying Wedding Decorations?

Decoration, an essential part of a wedding ceremony

You have finally managed to define a theme for your wedding, without forgetting the decor of the room! Your wish is to manage this task personally and not to delegate it to a decorating agency or decorator. However, an important question arises: should you rent or buy the decorations for your wedding?

Renting your wedding decorations: advantages and disadvantages

Photo of a wedding table settingThis is the best way to limit expenses! Once the room is rented, the choice of caterer made, the providers paid, another part starts: managing the decoration. It is important not to neglect the decoration of the banquet venue. Renting the decoration equipment and furniture is the ideal solution to save money while having a quality wedding! Ideal to offer an atypical and unique decoration, renting helps the future spouses to offer themselves an exceptional wedding. It is usually all about decoration: a sublime floral arch, Emmanuelle style rattan chairs, an exposed fireplace for weddings in winter... Vintage decoration is back! Many professionals specialize in the decoration and rental of wedding decorations. Going through recognized professionals is always reassuring when organizing your event.

Buying your wedding decorations: advantages and disadvantages

Buying these decorative items makes you the owner of these objects. If you organize events often, you can reuse them. But on the other hand, it is much more expensive than renting what you need for a few days. If you still choose to buy, sites selling decorative items offer discounts if you make large purchases, a significant effort compared to shopping in stores. The majority of sellers give discounts to customers on the delivery of wedding decoration products above a certain amount. In short, if you're not the kind of person who likes to throw big parties every year, these decorating items will simply embarrass you and cost you a lot of money. The decoration of a wedding is defined by the simple decoration and the big furniture. Start by taking stock with the banquet hall of what is acquired. In any case, renting costs less than buying. So think carefully before committing to buying decorations so that they don't sit in the attic collecting dust for the next twenty years!
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