Wedding parties: how to properly manage the preparations and entertainment?

Who wouldn't want perfection on their wedding day. But in order to achieve this, there are many steps to follow and prepare. For the organization of his wedding, you could call upon an organizer or arrange to organize it. This stage of your life requires a lot of energy and work, and small tensions can arise. Therefore, a good management of the preparations is then necessary.

Thinking about the organisation of the wedding

The first step is to discuss it with those involved and then to put the steps in writing step by step. It is important to ask yourself certain questions: the venue, the caterer, the decoration, the costume, the dress, the choice of menu, the wedding entertainment... All these questions are difficult when it is the very first time you are organising a wedding. We tend to worry more about the wedding entertainment because it is the way to check if the atmosphere was there, if the newlyweds and guests are satisfied. So, it is important to manage and communicate well because tensions and relationships between loved ones can deteriorate. Afterwards, when everything is taking shape, decide whether you need a wedding planner, which is a luxury, or take on several services. It is also important to be flexible, understanding and to make compromises if necessary. It is advisable to discuss things calmly, to give in and to please both of you.

Wedding preparations

When all the preparations begin, nervousness comes to you, loneliness suddenly invades you, the feeling of being misunderstood... Even ideas diverge with your better half. Know that you are free to apprehend marriage as you wish, but avoid reproaches. Then, together, validate guests. That is to say, find an agreement for the guest list because both of you may want to invite a large family and several friends. Like all events and preparations, we're far from perfect plans, so plan B is always a good idea. It is necessary to have a plan for the wedding decorations, the caterer or the wedding dj for example. In any circumstance, keep control, as family and friends will get involved in the preparations. Of course, help and advice are welcome, but you have the last word. And above all, know how to take poses during the organisation.

The animation of your wedding

Whether it's master of ceremonies or host or DJ, find the best and don't forget to make a contract. It is important to have good wedding entertainment because the atmosphere depends on it. The atmosphere also rhymes with wedding games, have fun games such as bouquet throwing and garter. During your research, take references, it will always be a sure value. Other animation too, the best moment is the menu or the meal. From the cocktail to the dessert.
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