What kind of wedding announcement to choose ?

You certainly want to organize an unforgettable wedding that will mark your life forever. You will have to start by making the preparations. There are a few steps to follow. Starting with notifying the guests. For generations, it has been a tradition to tell the family the good news by inviting them to your home. In fact, it is customary to send a wedding announcement to each of your loved ones. However, choosing the style of the announcement is not that simple. In general, when you entrust the organisation to a specialist in the field, he or she already takes care of everything. But if you want to take charge of the small preparations, you will have to make an announcement that suits your needs. You have the possibility to personalize it according to your taste. But how do you choose the best announcement for your wedding? At the moment, there are many different models and colours available.   The classic wedding announcement or the modern one For people who like simplicity and are not looking for complicated things, it is best to opt for a classic wedding announcement. This type of announcement can perfectly suit your expectations, you can also place all the essential information on it. It can contain the names of the bride and groom, parents and grandparents. You also have the possibility to put the ceremony on it (whether it is for a religious wedding or a civil marriage). And don't forget the date, time and place where the ceremony will take place. Most often, this announcement is in the form of a square or a rectangle. In addition, some traditional models are available to everyone. If you would like to personalise your announcement a little, you can build it in marble, with ornaments or motifs. And if you want to add a more elegant touch, choose between a colourful background and a unique texture with small accessories such as ribbons. Some brides and grooms also like modern style. What sets them apart from others is their minimalist, yet simple design. For colour, the nude colour is most often chosen.

Vintage or seeded invitations

Vintage style has come back into the world. Not only seen on clothes or decorations, even as a parting gift, it is now starting to spread. If your theme is vintage for your wedding day, you can perfectly opt for a vintage-style announcement. It will give a rather offbeat look to wedding invitations. Your guests will be impressed from the day they receive their invitations. Most of the time, the announcement is designed with an old-fashioned typography. There are also those who add small illustrations with old engravings. The aim is that it reflects old-fashioned designs. If you are a person who is concerned about details, prefer the seeded style. Indeed, seeded paper has been around for a long time. Only a few years ago, specialists started to use it for the decoration of announcements. On this paper, you can place small seeds. This will reflect your respect for the environment.

 Opt for the latest trends

For those looking for originality, they can turn to the use of the trendy announcement. They can choose between the playing card, the paper casserole or the 3-D style. For some designers, it's even recent to create a custom-made announcement with a personalised shape. In this case, you will be able to reflect what you liked the most. For example, there are those who opt for the shape of a chocolate bar, a bottle of champagne, glasses, etc. There are also cut-out styles containing cantinas. Basically, the trend is to make a personalized announcement template. And so that the day is unforgettable, you can combine the style of your announcement with that of the guestbook.

A wedding announcement with motifs

It is true that the aim is to have an original share, however, for a long time, patterns have always been fashionable. In this case, you have the ability to make floral designs. This will reflect your love for flowers and nature. More often than not, it is women who prefer flowery styles. As an advantage, with this model, you will not need to make a huge investment. In case you don't like clutter, you can also make an announcement with photos of you and your partner. It is true that many couples no longer opt for this style, but it is still trendy.
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