How to choose an engagement ring ?

Unless the groom practically decides to surprise his bride, an engagement ring should be chosen by the bridegroom instead. If you are one of those who have the opportunity to choose the design of your proposal ring yourself, consider a few points that will be useful to you. Once in the jewellery store or in front of a catalogue, you will certainly be spoilt for choice, and you may also have many questions. To alleviate your hesitations, decide in advance on the style of the ring, the shape of the stone and the type of metal you like.

Engagement ring what to choose: pink, white or yellow gold?

Symbol of eternal love, gold is the metal of choice for both engagement rings and wedding rings. You have a wide selection of gold to choose from when you visit a jewellery store. Your choice can be based on three types of gold, pink, white and yellow. If you hesitate between which engagement ring setting to choose, be aware that in the language of precious metals, pink gold is known for its romanticism and originality. Women who wear pink gold are sensual and soft, and it enhances the brilliance of the diamond. White gold is refined and combines perfectly with diamonds and also with colored stones, if you have a penchant for semi-precious stones. Yellow gold, the most common in luxury jewellery, is a symbol of ardent love. Choosing without realizing the price is impossible, yet you must choose the model that is close to your heart. Be aware that the financial means of French consumers are around 500 to 3,000 euros. To determine which engagement ring to choose, opt for a model set with a precious stone.

Engagement ring what to choose: what type of stone and what shape?

The diamond-set solitaire is the most classic, and remains a timeless model of engagement ring. However, the choice of stones remains personal, it depends on your taste and your preferences to balance with the way you dress. You can opt for sapphire, like Kate Middelton's, or ruby, like the setting of Eva Longoria's ring. The trick is to choose a semi-precious stone if you're betting on a large cut stone. This way you can combine economy and class if you are not sure which engagement ring to choose. As for the shape of the stone, base yourself on the appearance of your fingers and the size of your hand. The jeweller offers you a wide range of stones cut in different ways:
  • 57-faceted "Round brilliant".
  • 55-faceted oval
  • Emerald, i.e. rectangular with shaped corners
  • Drop of water, also known as "pear size".
  • Princess, often square-shaped with 50 facets
  • Cushion, between oval and emerald
  • Marquise, the most sophisticated shape
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